of business

Businesses operate in a society governed by the rule of law, and therefore within a legal framework.

Any business strategy, and the implementation thereof should therefore always satisfy basic legal requirements, as well as the requirements of the industry the business operates in. No matter how great your business or strategy is, it must comply with the law. It is critical that business owners and managers give this aspect the time, attention and investment that it deserves.

Creatio Legal Services understand the importance of making sure your business receives relevant, practical, cost-effective and understandable legal services, as and when you need it.

Legal challenges associated with running a business require specialised expertise, and it’s crucial that legal and commercial issues be addressed as early as possible, to avoid minor issues leading to costly and lengthy litigation that could have a detrimental effect on the business. It is important to identify and address any legal issues that may impact on your business’ transactions as early as possible so that you can avoid costly mistakes.

Having professionally drafted, negotiated or vetted agreements and documents in place will not only provide you with peace of mind but, will also ensure that your business is seen as credible and professional.

Creatio Legal Services was founded with one goal in mind – to assist you with identifying and addressing your legal needs.  As a commercial attorney with more than 10 years corporate and commercial experience, the Founder has seen many businesses attempting to save costs on legal advice with disastrous consequences.

Whether you require the services on an ad hoc/ project basis or on a monthly retainer basis we can assist you.